Paediatric Assessment

In many cases, developmental problems have an underlying medical condition and it is important that your child is seen for a medical assessment by a Paediatrician. Consultant Paediatrician will review your concerns, assess your child’s development and examine and discuss the findings and the outcome of the assessment.

During pediatric assessment Consultant Pediatrician will review your concerns, take comprehensive developmental and medical history, examine your child and discuss the findings and the outcome of the assessment.

Following the paediatric assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with recommendations. The Paediatrician may recommend checking your child’s hearing or vision, arranging some blood tests for example genetic testing or other tests.

If your child presents with mild degree of difficulties or if your child is very young the Paediatrician may recommend further detailed assessment with therapists and initial therapy interventions before defining the need for further assessment.

The Paediatrician may recommend further assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

If Paediatrician identifies that your child has unmet needs you will be provided with the Assessment Plan.

You may wish to discuss the assessment plan with your GP or other professionals involved in your child’s care or alternatively you can book it directly with Early Assessment Paediatric Practice.

We offer Paediatric Assessment for children and young people from one month to 18 years of age.