Specialist Developmental Assessment

Developmental assessment is in-depth assessment of child’s skills and is administered by trained professional. It assesses child’s development in gross motor, general motor coordination, fine motor skills and personal social development. It has standardised norms that are regarded as typical for the group of children being tested.

A standardized development test helps professionals to:
• obtain information about a child’s developmental age
• understand a child’s performance in context of the performance of another child of similar age
• identify specific patterns of developmental delay
• define interventions and use it for monitoring of developmental progress.

Developmental assessment gives information about child’s developmental needs at a given time. The results may be affected by mood or test environment. Also, these needs may change as the child develops.

Different tools might be used like Griffiths developmental assessment, Bailey developmental assessment or Schedule of Growing Skills.
We offer Griffiths III Developmental Assessment for children from 1 month to 5 years of age.

Griffiths III Development Scale is a standardised testing tool for children from birth to 6 years of age, which assesses development in the following areas (subscales):
A. FOUNDATIONS of LEARNING Scale measures critical aspects of learning during the early childhood years such as memory, problem solving and play.
B. LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION Scale measures overall language development including receptive (hearing and understanding), expressive (speech) language and use of language to communicate.
C. EYE-HAND COORDINATION Scale assesses fine motor skills, manual dexterity and visual perception skills.
D. PERSONAL SOCIAL EMOTIONAL Scale measures child’s developing sense of self and growing independence, interaction with others and emotional development.
E. GROSS MOTOR Scale assesses postural control, balance and gross body coordination.

The assessment is designed as a play based assessment. Children usually engage very well and enjoy the assessment process. The assessment takes approximately 60 min.